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Altium has been very flexible and willing to invest and do some things within their network to satisfy us.

Chief Operating Officer Beverage Company

Through the pandemic, through a variety of supply chain challenges, we have had problems of every kind and Altium has been a rock. We’ve had virtually nothing that looks like a blip or a hiccup over the last couple of years. They have really truly been our partner.

Vice President, Operations Specialty Chemical Company

In our world, local manufacturing is crucial. Logistics play a significant role in what we do. Altium’s footprint of manufacturing facilities aligns nicely with where we have our strong customer bases.

Executive Vice President Packaging Distribution Partner

Every time I reach out to someone at Altium, no matter what the level is, people are very responsive to getting back to me, which is important. It’s something that helps me understand that we are in important customer to Altium.

Chief Operating Officer Beverage Company

We’ve used Altium’s design services and have been to the design lab. We redesigned nearly our entire package portfolio over a period of 3 years and Altium’s services and capabilities were spectacular. We would do it again if needed!

Vice President, Operations Specialty Chemical Company

    Popular Ontario Plastic Packaging Solutions

    An organization backed by over 100 years of experience, over 60 plants in the U.S. and Canada, and approximately 3,000 employees.

    Ontario Plastic Packaging: Pioneering Sustainable Packaging with Altium

    A Sustainable Plastic Packaging Revolution in Ontario with Altium

    Altium Packaging, an innovative player in the field of plastic packaging solutions, is leaving its mark on Ontario, Canada. They’re driving a shift towards sustainable plastic packaging in various industries, integrating eco-friendly practices without compromising product safety and effectiveness.

    Refreshing Beverages, Sustaining the Environment: Water and Beverage Bottles

    Ontario’s thriving beverage industry has the potential to significantly reduce its environmental footprint with Altium’s water and beverage bottles. These sustainable packaging options don’t just deliver refreshments, they represent a commitment to environmental stewardship.

    Preserving Freshness, Protecting Nature: Food Jars and Containers

    From farm produce to artisanal goods, Altium’s food jars and containers could revolutionize how Ontario’s food industry approaches packaging. These environmentally friendly containers preserve product quality while fostering a culture of sustainability.

    Healthy Products, Healthy Planet: Dairy, Nutrition, and Healthcare Containers

    Altium’s dairy, nutrition, and healthcare containers offer a dual promise: maintaining product efficacy while reducing environmental impact. This aligns perfectly with Ontario’s focus on promoting health and wellness alongside environmental sustainability.

    Eco-friendly Solutions for Auto Industries: Automotive Containers

    Ontario’s expansive auto industry could leverage Altium’s automotive containers to manage a wide range of products, including gasoline additives, motor oil, and various automotive fluids. These containers promise robust packaging without forsaking environmental responsibility.

    Sustainable Packaging for a Cleaner Future: Household and Specialty Chemical Containers

    With Altium’s sustainable household and specialty chemical containers, Ontario’s chemical sectors can safely package products while aligning with green initiatives. This innovative approach creates a win-win scenario for businesses and the environment.

    Personal Care with Environmental Care: Personal Care Bottles

    From lotions to shampoos, Altium’s personal care bottles offer an excellent opportunity for Ontario’s burgeoning personal care industry to embrace sustainable packaging. This alignment can create a ripple effect, encouraging other sectors to follow suit.

    Altium’s Unwavering Commitment to Sustainable Packaging Initiatives

    Altium isn’t simply about providing eco-friendly products; it’s about integrating sustainability throughout the packaging lifecycle. This includes everything from the responsible sourcing of raw materials to promoting recycling at the end of product life. This comprehensive approach exemplifies Altium’s unwavering commitment to driving sustainable practices.

    Charting the Course to Sustainable Packaging in Ontario

    With its innovative plastic packaging solutions, Altium provides a pathway for industries in Ontario to meet their packaging needs while embracing sustainability. Through its commitment to sustainable packaging initiatives, Altium is not just a provider of packaging solutions; it’s leading the way towards a more sustainable future for Ontario.